The FGB Awards…

Celebrating the passion, drive and energy of feel-good brands.

Feel-Good Brands Awards

Launching in 2017, the FGB Awards are about recognising the passion, drive and energy that brands put into making a positive emotional connection with their customers. These are the brands who deliver not only excellent products and services, but they have a vision and a purpose that goes beyond any commercial objective. FGB Award winners are ahead of the curve, achieving brand awareness and business success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How the brands are chosen

Award candidates are submitted for consideration throughout the year, from well established household names to innovative start-up brands. Each year we recognise the brands who have achieved positive change and are consistently focused on the needs of their customers.

The Feel-Good Panel will judge from a criteria which includes excellence in customer service, value, honesty, innovation and improvement — we’re always looking for authentic brands that will go the extra mile to make a difference to the lives of their customers. These are the brands that people love.

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