The FGB Awards

Celebrating the passion, drive and energy of feel-good brands.

FGB Awards 2018 is now open

The FGB Awards are about recognising the passion, drive and energy that brands put into making a positive emotional connection with their customers. These are the brands who deliver not only excellent products and services, but they have a vision and a purpose that goes beyond any commercial objective. FGB Award winners are ahead of the curve, achieving brand awareness and business success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

30th November, 2017
: Nominations are open, you can submit deserving brands for consideration.

14th December, 2017: The FGB judging panel will deliver their shortlist and finalists are announced.

14th December, 2017: The public vote opens for Feel-Good Brand of the Year 2018.

12th January, 2018: The winners in all categories are announced and 2018 awards are presented.

Best Consumer Engagement

Awarded to the brand that delights their customer base through clever engagement. We celebrate the brands who willingly engage with their consumers, building genuine relationships that inspire loyalty and create advocates.

Feel-Good Brand of the Year

The ultimate accolade for the best loved Feel-Good Brand. We aim to recognise purpose-driven brands with a clear vision for positive change; brands that seek to improve our society and have a positive impact on people’s lives. This award is a public vote, your customers can vote from December 14th!

Most Innovative Brand

This award is all about innovation, whether that’s in product development or category disruption. Innovation is driven by passion and creativity. We honour the innovators and the innovations, the disruptive brands who pave the way for future success.

Nominate a brand

Anyone can nominate any brand, so let us know about any brands you feel are worthy of consideration. Brands don’t have to be nominated to be considered for an award, and nominations don't count towards the awards — think of nominations as a way of spreading the love.

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