Batch Organics

Batch Organics delivers no-nonsense, 100% organic, plant-based food to your doorstep. They understand that whilst health trends are on the rise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge; from recipe shops to preparation, unhealthy snacks can often dominate due to convenience.

The brand was launched to provide a time-efficient way to consume good quality ingredients. Batch Organics offer a healthy helping hand by supplying products that showcase to their customers exactly what they are blending up — that is, whole, unrefined, flash-frozen organic produce, grains, and superfoods. Their ingredients are packaged in 100% recyclable and compostable cups for portability and ease. Batch Organics smoothies can be blended in under 2 minutes and poured back into the paper cup for an on-the-go dose of daily goodness.

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