Founded in 2007 by Andrew Thomas, BetterYou is an innovative and dynamic natural health company focused on providing high-quality supplements. The brand aims to proactively tackle some of the major common nutrient deficiencies that dominate modern lifestyles by exploring different methods of delivery; their range currently includes oral sprays, gels, oils, flakes and lotions.

A commitment to research makes BetterYou cutting edge in the field of supplements. Their products are delivered through either transdermal or sublingual supplementation: both methods bypass the digestive system by either being absorbed through the skin or orally through the mouths mucus membrane. These two methods of delivery allow for maximum absorption because nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream or muscle.  Whilst traditional tablets and capsules are unable to guarantee absorption due to the variability of digestion from person to person, BetterYou is unique because it can accurately state the level of each product’s effectiveness.

BetterYou use the finest ingredients possible, making sure that all products are suitable for those on a vegetarian, diabetic or gluten-free diet. Their products are not only effective, but also convenient; with no need for water, they are perfect option for on-the-go easy supplementation.


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