FGB Award Winner 2018

The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda was created by a couple of entrepreneurs in January 2016. Co-founders Chris and Julie decided to create a more natural and sustainable alternative to tree-based tissue. As bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant that doesn’t require fertilisers, they felt this was a perfect solution for a world struggling with stretched resources. Whilst developing the product range they have also focussed on building a brand that will educate the market on the benefits of bamboo as a more healthy choice, without compromising on softness or strength. 

The business began by selling just toilet rolls, but the range has since grown to include facial tissue, pocket tissue, kitchen towel and soon wet wipes. Chris says “we were amazed by the hundreds of online reviews we got saying that people who have sensitive skin. It was only at the point we realised that most regular tissue contains bleaching and chlorine that can cause irritation, by doing the right things well we have created a better product.”  This brand is growing fast and is coming to supermarkets near you.

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