Chef turned entrepreneur Hannah, created ChicP to counteract food waste and fully utilise the natural resources we have available to us. 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size and 1/3 of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten. ChicP aims to change this through their delicious humous combinations; the brand’s mission is to alter people’s attitude towards waste and their approach to cooking.

During her time as a chef, Hannah witnessed first-hand the colossal volumes of food that goes to waste. This waste, paired with her love for healthy, fresh food, spurred Hannah into founding ChicP.  ChicP’s humous is primarily made from raw vegetables, 20–25% of which are sourced from surplus food. Tired of bland and unhealthy dips, Hannah’s hummus creations not only combat waste, but also provide a healthy, punchy option for your palate.

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