Founded by ex-professional rugby player Rory Lawson, CocoPro has been formulated to provide optimal hydration and recovery all in one. During his years playing for Scotland, Newcastle and Gloucester, Rory was shocked at the low nutritional value of sports nutrition products on the market. When injury forced him out of the game, he was determined to create something better.

CocoPro launched the world’s first high protein coconut water in 2014 using a combination of Pure Coconut Water and Whey Protein Isolate. Their products are now sold in 800+ UK outlets, as well as in Germany, Austria, Ireland, Turkey and the UAE. Professional sports teams such as the All Blacks, Manchester United, Watford FC and the Barbarians buy CocoPro, validating that they are creating products that elite athletes as well as everyday athletes enjoy. All natural and low in sugar, CocoPro offers an innovative and healthy drink to boost and sustain you throughout the day.

Beyond the drink lies a brand mission to inspire and motivate. CocoPro aims to help their community lead a healthier lifestyle through their website content, social media and network of ambassadors.

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