Coldpress offer a wide range of drinks from everyday juices and smoothies to indulgent almond milks, juice infused coconut waters, low calorie carbonated drinks for kids and vegetable juices. Whilst most juices increase their shelf life through heat pasteurisation, Coldpress differs by using a technique called High Pressure Processing. Coldpress avoid using heat because this damages the nutrients and vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables. The High Pressure Processing they use instead is a natural, eco-friendly process that kills harmful bacteria with short bursts of hydro-static pressure. This pressure kills bacteria whilst maintaining the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, allowing Coldpress to deliver fresh tasting juices that are packed full of goodness.

The distinctive hexagonal juice bottles are designed on the same logic as the High Pressure Processing used to create Coldpress drinks. Hexagons are the most resilient shape in nature and, like the antioxidant and vitamins molecules, are strong enough to withstand the cold pressure process.

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