FOGA is on a mission to help people get more plants into their life, because they believe the more plants you eat, the better you feel. Unlike most ‘healthy’ smoothies, which focus on the juice, FOGA uses the whole plant to create lower sugar and higher fibre smoothies, giving our gut the nutritional diversity it needs.

FOGA’s founders Pheobe and Ollie used to work in busy corporate jobs and struggled to find healthy options when they were out of the house. After choosing between high sugar grab and go drinks, or extortionately expensive healthy snacks, the pair saw an opportunity for nourishing and natural convenience foods at sensible prices.

But FOGA is about much more than just health. Pheobe and Ollie are also passionate about the environment and are keen not to add to the unforgivable amount of waste the food system currently creates. By utilising the magic of ‘freeze drying’ to remove water from the plants, they can be crushed into powders ready to be re-hydrated on consumption. This not only makes them longer lasting, but also retains all of the nutritional value.

The FOGA plantshakes are only available through their website. Boxes of 10 sachets are available as one-offs or on a subscription basis. Choose between the pre-made boxes, or build your own with your favourite flavours. With a whole rainbow of recipes to choose from, they are as delicious as they are good for you. 


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