Jerry Bottle

Jerry Bottle is a social enterprise selling reusable water bottles to fund water projects around the world. They want to bring water to those that don’t have it by making it more special to those that do. Their pure steel bottles have an electro polished lining and contain no plastic, so that bottled water can stay tasting and smelling fresh. Every Jerry Bottle is personalised with the coordinates of the water project that it has helped fund; so that customers can trace exactly which village they have helped. Through their sister organisation, the Waterfall Charity, Jerry has created many water projects to date including building wells, pumps and installing water filtration systems in underdeveloped countries.

Water is essential for all, and Jerry works with schools, businesses, charities and public bodies to promote this message. They believe their biggest social impact is improving people’s lives and health through accessing and developing a habit of drinking water throughout the day. The more bottles they sell, the more charities they can fund to bring innovative, sustainable and high impact water projects to life. Join in with the Jerry movement and feel like you’re actions are more than just a drop in the ocean!



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