JimJams was founded by Kellie and Kevin after discovering their kids favourite chocolate spread contained 57 cubes of sugar! They saw a crucial gap in the market and went about creating a range of spreads that merged healthy eating with great taste. Maltitol is used to create a chocolate spread that is half the calories of sugar, kinder to teeth and diabetic-friendly, making JimJams chocolate spread 83% less sugar than their well-known competitors.

Kellie and Kevin aim to provide a product that is honest, clear, healthy and tasty. They have secured Sugarwise’s seal of approval, a Mumsnet accreditation and two Great Taste awards for their chocolate spread, proving there is a demand for healthier spread options. JimJams will broaden its appeal via a range of no added sugar, 100% fruit, all-natural preserves that contain half the final sugars of regular jam. Their hope is not simply to reinvigorate the jams, preserves and spreads aisle but also play their part in the UK’s revitalised home baking movement, allowing classics like Jam Roly Poly, Victoria Sponges and Bakewell tarts to once again prosper.

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