Little Cooks Co

We are in the midst of a crisis in children’s health with rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, mental health and screen addiction soaring. Concern is growing about the impact technology is having on society and relationships; parents want to be doing fun and memorable things with their children, but they often lack time and inspiration.

This is where Little Cooks Co comes in. The company was launched by Helen Burgess, a registered nutritionist who is passionate about improving children's health and wellbeing. Helen grew up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home, helping to cook was expected and family dinners were sacrosanct. She passionately believes there is no greater time in life when to eat nutrient-dense natural food than in childhood. Learning to prepare good food and eating together provides one of the best bonding experiences we can have with our children, as well as teaching life skills that will sustain them into adulthood.

Little Cooks Co is a monthly subscription box with a mission to teach children to love cooking, get them eating healthy food, and help to create happy family memories along the way. Kits include fun and easy healthy snack recipes, all the dry, organic ingredients needed to make them, a family dinner recipe and a small activity or craft.

Little Cooks Co are delighted to partner with Magic Breakfast. For every box sold, Little Cooks Co will donate the cost of a healthy breakfast, helping to ensure no child starts the school day too hungry to learn. Magic Breakfast are currently helping over 40,000 disadvantaged school children a day.

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