Lush is a handmade cosmetics company set up in 1994 by husband and wife team Mark and Mo Constantine. At Lush, ethics and goodness are at the centre of everything they do, and the brand is unwavering in their commitment to sustainability and plastic avoidance. The company uses fruit and vegetables, essential oils and some synthetic ingredients in its products, and guarantees no animal testing on any products.

Lush lives and breathes its brand values, with their store interiors clad in wood and natural materials they are also leading the way in fair trade and the plastic-free revolution. Plastic-free cosmetics aren’t new, the humble soap bar has been a staple in plastic-conscious bathrooms for decades, but now you can find it alongside hundreds of packaging-free alternatives in the Lush Naked Shops. Want to check the contents of your Naked product? No problem, simply scan the product using Lush Lens (an innovative AI product recognition tool) and it will tell you what’s in there; eliminating the need for packaging.

Lush is making a real difference, and their loyal customers love everything they stand for. In 2017 alone, Lush customers saved 800,000 bottles from going into landfill.

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