Nibble Protein Bites

Founded in 2017 by Erin Moroney, Nibble Protein Bites was created to fill a gap in the healthy snack market; they aim to provide a nutritionally packed protein pick-me-up, without the sky-high sugar levels that often accompany energy bars and balls. Carefully crafted to use the finest low GI ingredients, these bites provide sustained energy which helps keep you feeling satisfied for longer! 

Easy and effective ways to get protein into the diet became a top priority for Erin when she realised during marathon training that she had been suffering from symptoms of protein deficiency. Constantly tired with blood sugar levels all over the place, Erin decided to try and remedy her problem by searching the current protein products on the market. She went on the hunt for handy boosts, however found they were all chock full of sugar. This inspired Erin to create her own ideal high protein snack: one with minimal sugar, bite-sized (to nibble en-route to meetings), all-natural, in a resealable bag (no more handbag crumbs), and low GI. Classically, this first-time foodie went for a combination of some of the most challenging food science and manufacturing elements in one product. In fact, almost of the manufacturers Erin approached said it would be impossible. But after a year of gruelling development work (and a lucky introduction to a superstar Californian food scientist, Sangeeta Patel), Nibble was cracked!

Made with antioxidant-powerhouse dried plums (instead of dates), Nibble Protein Bites have over half the sugar of most other snack bars/balls. In September, Nibble was awarded a Bronze Innovation Challenge Award and it’s just been shortlisted for two Free From Food Awards.



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