Nix and Kix

Nix and Kix embody the saying, 'variety is the spice of life'. The brand launched their cayenne chilli infused drinks in 2014 to spice up the grown-up soft drink market. Founders, Julia and Kerstin, love difference and wanted to give people more non-alcoholic choices. They felt that there was a stigma and boredom surrounding soft drinks — a lack of imagination, experimentation and passion — and that they could target this gap in the market. 

The idea for Nix and Kix was born out of a chance meeting between Julia and Kerstin on a plane to London. Since the first meeting, the relationship between the entrepreneurial pair blossomed and after finishing university and working a few years, they went travelling and exploring different cuisines and cultures. Chillies grabbed their attention due to their taste and health benefits. In 2014, Julia and Kerstin set up a lab at the back of a small shop in Shoreditch to experiment with different flavour combinations with the goal to change the mindset around soft drinks for the better. From this experimentation Nix and Kix was born, and have been delivering tasty drinks with an added kick to the masses ever since.

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