Ossa Organic

Ossa believes in the restorative healing properties of premium bone broth; organic and nutritious, and everything is produced with a clear focus on upcycling and sustainability. The ingredients are made from bones that would otherwise have been a waste product. They use renewable energy and wonky veg to produce their broth, which is packed full of protein, minerals and vitamins.  

The concept was born in 2015 when Catherine Farrant discovered the benefits of bone broth while she was pregnant with her first son, Jack. Her passion for restorative and gut healing food began when Catherine realised the power of natural food to nourish and heal our bodies.

Upcycling and sustainability remains at the heart of Ossa’s supply chain. Their commitment to sustainable production and environmental initiatives has been recognised by BCorp as ‘Best for Environment Honoree’, being one of only two companies in the UK. 

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