Plenish is a business born from personal experience. Kara Rosen set up the company after many years spent running on empty and becoming ill. Failed by traditional medicine, Kara began seeking out nutritional advice to replenish her body and build back immunity and energy. Inspired by the power that intelligent nutrition (mostly plants) had on regaining her health, Kara became inspired by the power of the right foods to not only heal a damaged body, but to ensure you're Plenished with all the good stuff you need to have the health, energy and drive to live a full and active life.

Ultimately this lead Kara to create a portfolio of products that act as health-hacks for the way we live. Plenish are champions of proactive health that easily integrates into life and tastes delicious, keeping people running on plenty. Their mission is to fuel healthier, happier and more productive lives by creating products that help you get more in, so you can get more out.

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