Quinola Mothergrain

Quinola Mothergrain founder, James Livingstone Wallace, started his career in finance, but after the financial crisis he wondered if he could be putting his time and energy to better use. Taking his children out of school, he decided to go travelling to find a product to start a Fairtrade business with. Whilst in Peru they discovered the delights of quinoa, and after a bit of research concluded the grain was truly amazing. 

Packed with 23% of your recommended daily allowance of protein per 100g, and all nine essential amino acids, quinoa is a NASA recognised superfood which helps to improve blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. However, Quinola is here to make a positive impact which stretches further than just healthy food. They are on a mission to prove that businesses can look after customers, the environment, suppliers, partners and employees by starting a “Generous Revolution”.  

It begins with being generous to people and the environment, as without either Quinola wouldn’t have a sustainable product. The 500 farmers in the Coopain Cabana Cooperative in Peru are at the heart of Quinola, and the grains have always been sourced at ethical prices under Fairtrade terms. It’s this support that has helped them to purchase 2 tractors and a truck to ease the strain of ploughing. To ensure the land is not damaged by their work, the farmers’ use many methods including crop rotation and mixed agriculture practices to improve natural soil fertility, as well as dry agriculture to reduce wastage to water resources. 

It’s not just the environment local to their suppliers which Quinola are keen on preserving, they are also encouraging consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by eating quinoa as a meat substitute to help make a positive impact on the planet. 

Quinola produces a range of quinoa-based products, including best-seller Express Quinoa. Ready to eat after just 2 minutes in the microwave, these easy packets make cooking nutritious meals even simpler. The range also includes meals for kids and babies, quinoa flakes for making porridge, and pulses and quinoa cakes for healthy snacking. Check out their website for details on where to buy, plus an abundance of quinoa-based recipes. 

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