The Raw Chocolate Company

Established in 2006, The Raw Chocolate Company not only makes a feel-good product, they also strive for positive social change. Positive impact is at the core of everything that The Raw Chocolate Company does, from printing their packaging to the energy they use to produce their chocolate. Their aim is to give back to the planet and enhance the lives of those involved in producing their tasty ingredients — this brand truly embodies feel-good values.

Born out of Founder Linus Gorpe’s passion for raw food, The Raw Chocolate Company offers a wide range of goodies, bursting with life. Their un-heated cacao contains over 300 nutritional compounds, and it’s an excellent source of anti-oxidants and essential minerals. You may be thinking, what does raw exactly mean? Well, ingredients are never heated above 42 degrees, meaning they use more traditional methods aimed at keeping ingredients as close to their natural form as possible.

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