TÅPPED Birch Water

TÅPPED Birch Water was launched in April 2015 by former innocent drinks colleagues Paul Lederer and Charlie Hoare. They recognised that people were continuing to shun sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks in favour of natural, healthy and low calorie counterparts. Realising the health potential in birch sap, Paul and Charlie set about turning this old Nordic tradition into a healthy drink offering available to the masses. Birch water is naturally high in anti-oxidants thanks to its manganese content, making it a perfect healthy and refreshing drink alternative.

TÅPPED by name, tapped by nature: the process of extracting the birch sap involves tapping the tree during Spring, when the water is filtered up through the trunk. This nourishing flow of sap has been stored in the tree’s roots all winter and is packed full of vital minerals and vitamins. The process of tapping and extracting the birch sap doesn’t harm the tree, as the amount harvested is minimal in comparison to the overall flow. Check out TÅPPED's video to learn more about the process of extraction.  

The brand's mission is to inspire natural, healthy living by offering a range of drinks collected from nature itself. The increased consumption of birch water has also influenced some forrest owners to re-think how they utilise their trees; for example in Finland instead of automatically turning to traditional logging methods, forrest space is being turned over for sap collection.

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