TEA REX is the world’s first raw fruit and root tea. It is made with only fresh ingredients and natural processes with a promise to make every cup RAWR! with flavour. In a sector where innovation has stewed, TEA REX counters the common consumer insight that ‘fruit teas smell great, but taste of dishwater’. 

With a mission to re-invent the fruit tea, TEA REX’s brand and product are intricately linked with a rebellious RAWR ethos. The infusions deliver both loud flavours and the amazing health benefits of fresh ingredients. In the post ‘preachy-clean-living’ generation, where consumers can spot a fad and fickle brand, TEA REX cuts through with tongue in cheek, un-pretentious approach. From running around in an 8ft TEA REX outfit to creating packaging which RAWR’s! when opened, the brand raises a smile and occasionally an eye brow.

With it’s can-do colourful approach TEA REX is out to challenge the beige bag status quo and stir up the tea industry.

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