FGB Award Winner 2018

Toast Ale

Did you know that 44% of bread gets wasted? Food waste is clearly a global problem, but turning leftover bread into beer sounds like pure wizardry. At the end of a typical working day, bakeries tend to finish up with more extra bread than even food banks can use. The best way to reuse bread that doesn’t get eaten: turn it into beer.

Toast Pale Ale was first launched in London in 2016, the brew uses roughly one slice of bread per bottle. The business was founded by Tristram Stuart, an author and campaigner on the environmental and social impacts of food production. The beer was inspired by an ancient Babylonian recipe that uses bread as an ingredient, which Tristram discovered while visiting a Belgian brewery. The beer brand not only saves unwanted loaves, they also raise money for Feedback, a non-profit organisation that fights food waste.


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