Inspired by the health and wellness trends affecting the food and drink market, Unrooted founder, Nathan Clemes was keen to see if the same could be achieved for energy drinks. He began working with a food scientist to see if energy levels could be boosted without the need for caffeine or sugar; a delicious energy drink made without the ingredients giving them such a bad reputation. They soon discovered the incredible Baobab fruit; high in fibre, antioxidants and micronutrients, and good for gut health. This was to become the key ingredient to create an energy drink that simply gives your body the ingredients it needs to produce its own energy, rather than relying in sugar and stimulants.

The brand mission is clear, to show consumers they don’t need to compromise their health in order to stay energised. Baobab is incredibly high in fibre so it regulates blood sugars to sustain energy levels for hours rather than minutes, and it doesn’t produce the spikes and crashes of caffeine based drinks. The low levels of naturally occurring sugars provide and instant energy boost, and the high levels of antioxidants increase your metabolism to create longer lasting natural energy.

But it isn’t just health that Nathan is passionate about, upholding the highest standards of sustainability is massively important to Unrooted. They work closely with the African Baobab Alliance (ABA) to help conserve and protect the trees by showing people locally there is value in keeping the trees healthy. The work Unrooted suppliers have done in the past year has meant hundreds of local women are now earning up to four times their annual incomes by selling baobab fruit, and they’re motivated to protect the trees so that the income stream keeps coming in.

Since initial production in October 2018, Unrooted has gone from strength to strength and is now available in stores throughout London, such as Planet Organic and Selfridges, and directly from their website. Each bottle of Unrooted contains 10 grams of hand-picked active baobab, which is blended with all-natural ingredients to deliver “a healthy dose of prebiotic fibre and metabolic energy-enhancing antioxidants and micronutrients”. With three delicious flavours to choose from (pomegranate, ginger and mango) there is a fresh energy source for everyone.

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